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About Us

Tangle: Korean for a cute, round-faced child

Shiny Stars: What your sweet, precious little ones are


At Tangle Shiny Stars, we offer premium accessories for babies, toddlers, and children that are elegantly designed, lovingly made, and unimaginably adorable – just like your little one. 

And it all started with our own little one, Léa, who has been our muse ever since her birth in 2019. We often gazed upon her perfect, plump little face and wondered if we could ever find the perfect high-quality, handmade accessories that would make her feel and shine like the start she truly is. 

After countless unfruitful searches, we decided it was time to take our destiny into our hands and offer our own magnificently crafted accessories, not only to her but also to all children throughout the world.

That is when our second little one, Tangle Shiny Stars, was born; with only one goal in mind: make your sweet child feel like the shiny star he/she truly is.

Welcome to Tangle Shiny Stars

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